Friday, September 13, 2013

In Your Own Words: Reflections on 2013 AWW

It has been a month since the 28th Annual Antioch Writers' Workshop. Participants, Faculty, Speakers and Staff have written about their experiences online, and we will be bringing their take to you throughour blog in a series of posts titled, "In Your Words: Reflections on 2013 AWW." 

Our first installment links to "Report from the Antioch Writers' Workshop," by this summer's fiction instructor, Lee Martin. Martin writes that he "had the privilege of teaching at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and what a wonderful teaching experience it was." (READ MORE).

The second links to a Yellow Springs News blog post by participant Amy Magnus titled "Among Friends." 

Did you write about your experience at the 2013 Antioch Writers' Workshop on your blog?  Send us an email to let us know, and we'll link to it on ours.

Also, don't forget to check out the Antioch Writers' Workshop Fall Weekend Writers' Retreat, October 5-7 at the Grailville Retreat Center in Loveland, Ohio.

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