Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ways to Promote Yourself Before AND After You're Published

Workfellow Wes Gilbert shares pointers that Jeff Marks provided at AWW this year about promoting yourself both before and after you're published.

Before you're published:
1. Buy your website domain name.
2. Have a simple but effective website and keep it up-to-date.
3. Set up a blog and post regularly (weekly is great; monthly is minimum.)
4. Go to writers' conferences and get to know your peers and publishing professionals.

After you're published... keep doing all of the above, and:
1. Consider building up your audience through social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.
2. Contact book stores and get to know managers to set up signings.
3. Get in touch with local radio stations for interviews on community programs.
4. Write interviews or articles relating to your book topic for magazines.

Next year's AWW is July 9-15, 2011.

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