Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tips and pointers from visiting agent Janet Reid

AWW was privileged to have two agents visit this year! One was Janet Reid, from Fine Print Literary Management. Workfellow Wes Gilbert shares the six things Janet says writers MUST know before working with an agent:
1. What type of book you're writing--fiction, nonfiction, genre, etc.
2. Understand agents represent and advocate for you, but typically they are not editors or sounding boards.
3. Remember that publishers add value to your work and give you access to a market you can't reach.
4. Warning signs for non-legitimate agents and publishers: asking you for morney, and not adding value.
5. Mistakes won't kill you (or your career).
6. The best way to be a great writer is to be a great reader.

Learn more about querying and other publishing industry insight at Janet's blog, Query Shark.

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