Monday, August 27, 2012

In Your Words: Reflections on 2012 AWW

This week, we bring you the reflections of two participants of the 2012 Antioch Writers Workshop.

On her blog, Rantings, Ramblings and Randomness, Lisa writes,

But what I think I loved most of all is the absolute sense of community – the encouragement, the understanding, and the acceptance that we were all writers and we were in this together. That is the beauty and the magic of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop." (more...)

 Saturday Seminar participant Marisa Becker reflects on her experience and some advice she took home with her on her blog,

I’ve fulfilled a teenage dream: I’ve attended the annual Antioch Writers’ Workshop – well, at least one day of it, but it was still a special occasion in my book." (more...)
Did you write about your experience at the 2012 Antioch Writers' Workshop on your blog? Send us an email to let us know, and we'll link to it on ours.

Also, don't forget to check out the Antioch Writers' Workshop Fall Weekend Writers' Retreat, October 5-7 at the Grailville Retreat Center in Loveland, Ohio.

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