Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Post: Deborah Rocheleau

It's hard to explain the magic that happens during the Antioch Writers' Workshop, so we'll let AWW alumni do it! Our first guest post is from Deborah Rocheleau

I took a writing class at Sinclair Community College this spring, all online, so that I never met my professor. Until I signed up for the Antioch Writer's Workshop. When I began researching writing opportunities in my area, I found a surprising amount of overlap in the writing community. My teacher, Rebecca Morean, not only ran the scholarship contest I'd entered, but was on the board of the Antioch Writer's Workshop. At the conference, I met my teacher, but I also got to be a student along with her of the other speakers. Writers of all ages and experiences meet at the conference to learn from each other and offer their own advice and encouragement. For ongoing opportunities, participants can exchange contact information, learn about college writing programs and calls for submissions, follow blogs and Facebook pages, and join writers' groups all across Ohio. I now have a group of local writers I can go to for critique and support, as well as to provide my own feedback and encouragement. And the best part of the conference, the opportunity to network with other writers, is the part that doesn't end with the week.

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