Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Writing Tips from 2011 AWW Faculty -- Kevin Morgan Watson

As part of our blog series, Antioch Writers' Workshop 2011 Faculty share their tips for writing. You can read complete bios of AWW 2011 Faculty at antiochwritersworkshop.com. Check back regularly for more helpful writing tips.

Kevin Morgan Watson thumb
The literary agents will be joined by visiting editor
Kevin Morgan Watson. Kevin is the founder of Press 53 and serves as the Short Fiction Editor. As a publisher, he has worked with writers ranging from first-time published authors to winners of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize. 

Writing Tips
1. Pay attention to the details: Sloppy editing will kill a great story. Before you send your work out, make sure it looks nice.

2. Relax and tell your story: Pay attention to dialogue; make it natural. Engage the reader's senses. Rather than telling your story, allow the reader to walk alongside your characters and experienced the story.  

 3. Don't be in a big rush to publish: Once your work is out there, you can't take it back. Make sure you are happy with your story or poem, and then take the time to find the right home for it. Today, there are more places to publish than ever before. But having your story or poetry in a journal alongside average writing or sloppy editing will make you look just as average and sloppy. Take care and take time. 

For more detailed information on the visiting agents and editor as well as other 2011 AWW faculty, visit our faculty page.

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