Monday, May 4, 2009

"Playing the Field..." In Writing Genres, That Is!

Are you new to writing? Not sure where to focus? Or itching to try a new genre? Then our new afternoon seminar is for you: Playing the Field: A Forum on Form (Instructors: Poetry, Ed Davis; Fiction, Carrie Bebris; Non-Fiction, Ralph Keyes; second half of week mentoring, Nancy Pinard) No manuscripts are required. In the first half of the week, one form will be discussed each day, with exercises given to start participants on a piece of work. In the second half of the week, participants will continue one of the pieces begun earlier in the week under the guidance of published author Nancy Pinard.


  1. Will Mr. Keyes be available for any other interaction? I love his "The Courage to Write."

  2. as a novice writer itching to improve, I am excited about this seminar!


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